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21.01 - The Trek Files Are Coming
He was the first guest on what was to be a podcasting adventure. He's now joined me five times including today to discuss all sorts of things, so I thought it was only fair that he should be able to promote his upcoming podcast on The Roddenberry Network - The Trek Files... it’s Larry Nemecek! Click here to watch!
21.01 - Shifting The Goal Posts
In this brief episode of The Trekzone Spotlight, I discuss the impact of YouTube's decision to change the goal posts for entry into their partner program, the way of monetising videos to earn some cash in exchange for allowing ads to roll either before, during or after. Click here to watch!
09.01 - Discovery's Back, And Some People Hated It *SPOILERS*
I just spent the better half of thirty minutes reading the inane musings of Jonathan Lane over at the Fan Film Factor (interestingly, he wasn't writing about fan films...) And I have a massive bone to pick with the conclusions he's come up with, and other's incessant complaining about continuity. More here.
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