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19.02 - Sometimes Things Aren't Such A Great Idea
I had every intention of bringing you something new in the episode database on daily basis for the next four hundred days, but as I sat down this morning to write my fourth episode recap from Enterprise I found my fingers hovering above the keyboard wondering what was the point. More here.
15.02 - Author Dayton Ward on Writing Trek Novels
Another noted Trek author joins me for a chat... this time it's Dayton Ward from Kansas, part time writer, full time awesome guy. We get so excited talking about Discovery that we almost forgot to chat about his new book - and the whole reason he was on the show! Click here to watch!
11.02 - Once More With Feeling: Prod Update #1 - We Are Go For Launch!
How does that old adage go? Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk? Well get set everybody, because Once More With Feeling, Australia's next live action Star Trek fan film is coming and while it's going to be short, it's certaining going to pack a punch. Read more here.
08.02 - Ray Tesi Acquires Continues Sets; Answers Questions
You may not recognise his name, but he's about to become another Star Trek with his own fully functional Enterprise sets after agreeing to purchase the former sound stage space vacated by Star Trek: Continues. Click here to watch the latest episode of The Trekzone Spotlight!
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