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25.04 - Commemorating Anzac Day  
On today's special edition of The Trekzone Spotlight, I'm joined by Squadron Leader Nicholas Bird from the Royal Australian Air Force's 453 Squadron to talk about the ANZAC spirit and the science that goes into a modern air force. Watch it here.  
13.04 - 26 Episodes a Season... Stories From The Makeup Department  
Doug Drexler is a very talented man that has joined me on the show before where we spoke very broadly about his roles on Star Trek during it's golden years of production. Today, and next week, Doug joins me from his home study to chat about specific feats unique to the world of weekly science fiction shows... watch here.  
29.03 - Gary Davis on the Dreadnought Dominion  
Asked to work on a friend's new fan film, Gary Davis became the executive officer for the 'pilot' and contributed some story threads. When Farragut Studios became Star Trek: Continues the group of fans lost their ability to film on standing sets. He joins me today to chat about the past and what's to come in the future. Watch here.  
22.03 - Meeting The 8 Bit Guy's David Murray  
He started out making repair videos for Apple products while holding down another job, but when his popularity grew... so did the demand for more content. Eventually today's guest, David Murray aka The 8 Bit Guy, focused all his energy on his YouTube Channels... today we're chatting about all that and more! Watch here.  
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