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17.10 - Choose Your Pain
Wowee, such an amount of angst about one simple word that has become part of the global vernacular - for better or for worse. Tilly dropped the word as a faux par, given that she apologised for it straight away. Staments' affirmation of the situation though provides an insight into the vocabulary still in use... More here.
10.10 - The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lambs Cry
Discovery has found it's feet, much earlier than any other Trek series before it. We lose our head of tactical, but we gained so much more knowledge about what Discovery is trying to accomplish (both the crew on the ship and the show itself.) More here.
02.10 - Context Is For Kings
Welcome to the series proper, as we're introduced to our regulars in Lorca, Stametts, Tyler and Tilly... and what an introduction, straight into the fray of some type of experiment that's taken out the sister ship. The action was tense, the character development was relegated to the B-plot... More here.
24.09 - Aaron Vanderkley Serves Up More Aussie Trek Goodness
He's fast becoming known in Trek fan circles as a man that can get things done. Hot off the heels of the 2016 release of The Needs of the Many, Aaron Vanderkley has written, directed and released The Derelict - a deeper look into the Enterprise era ...more.
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