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20.11 - The Star Trek Discovery Story So Far
Star Trek Discovery is nine episodes old now, and for the first time in our history, the Trek Geeks and The Trekzone Spotlight have had fresh Trek to talk about. Excited, I reached out to one half of the Trek Geeks podcast - Trek Geek Dan - for his thoughts on what we've seen so far. More Here.
17.11 - Mr. SciFi Discusses His New Project
Marc Zicree has been writing science fiction for many decades and has a body of work that's most likely unrivaled in the industry. He's written for TNG, DS9, Babylon 5, The Twilight Zone plus many, many others - and now, for the better part of four years, he's been working on his own tv series... more here.
13.11 - Axanar Redux Is Back
Back in February, a fan of Axanar decided to re-edit the Prelude mockumentary to omit Alec Peters and insert the original actor Steve Ihnat. It was hailed as a very creative use of source material, which was not very well received by the Axanar camp... more here.
07.11 - Saru Goes Native As The Klingons Attempt A Discovery
Well, that felt a little original series-ish with a mystery on an alien world that looked a little like Earth with just enough set dressing to suspend the disbelief. I'm still not comfortable with Saru, I want to know what his deal is - and why we never see his kind again in Starfleet. Read it in full here.
06.11 - Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad
I guess you can make enemies pretty easily when you leave them behind in a Klingon prison cell, so Harry's back to exact some form of revenge by killing Lorca over and over again. Oh, and he also wants to sell Discovery to the Klingons... read my full review here.
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