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A Trekzone Conversation

Discovering The Orville

The Orville’s Tom Costantino is today’s guest… proving we’re more than just Star Trek at A Trekzone Conversation.

The Orville

EXCLUSIVE: SBS Confirms Australian Broadcast of Season Three

Australia’s broadcaster of the Seth MacFarlane created show has confirmed to Trekzone that it will be broadcasting the third season of The Orville in the second half of 2020.

The Orville

The Orville is Coming to Trekzone!

Because it’s kinda like Star Trek, and there’s a tonne of Trek vets on the show – The Orville is coming to Trekzone!

Latest Podcasts

A Trekzone Conversation

Discovering The Orville

The Orville’s Tom Costantino is today’s guest… proving we’re more than just Star Trek at A Trekzone Conversation.

A Trekzone Conversation

It’s Kinda Like Star Trek…

Pixomondo’s VFX guru Nhat Phong Tran sat down for a chat about working on Seth Macfarlane’s hit FOX show…

A Trekzone Conversation

Remembering A Pioneer

It’s another Tuesday, of another week, in another year here on Planet Earth… and that means Dr. Brad Tucker is standing by to bring us the week’s top science and space news.

Short Treks

NYCC: Discovery Season 3 – Trailer; Short Treks And A 900 Year Jump

We’ve finally got some Discovery season three. New York Comic Con was the place to be Saturday for your fill of Star Trek news!

Star Trek: Picard

NYCC: Star Trek: Picard – January Premiere, New Trailer

And the second panel, the most anticipated some might say, of Star Trek’s Saturday afternoon show was for the new Star Trek series as we check back in with our beloved Captain.

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard News Is Coming

New York Comic Con is the place to be this weekend for news on the next Star Trek series, set to premiere in early 2020. Picard, a more character driven story than it’s predecessor, will see events unfold following the Hobos Star explosion that transcribed at the start of the 2009 movie. We know that […]

Star Trek: Discovery

Discovery Takes 3 Gongs At The Saturn Awards

The 45th Saturn Awards, in Hollywood, have just wrapped and Discovery won three times!

Latest Episode Update

The Orville

Old Wounds

Newly promoted Captain Ed Mercer is given command of the U.S.S. Orville and tasked with resupplying a science station…

Random Podcast

A Trekzone Conversation

Talkin’ Trek Chapter VIII : Enterprise

Lee and I round out our run through July with the eighth installment in the Talkin’ Trek series… this is all about Enterprise, if you have faith… faith of the heart!

Random Episodes



Voyager crew members begin disappearing one by one, replaced by an alien race called the Nyrians… who appear to have an ulterior motive as the crew numbers dwindle…


The Vulcan Hello

At the edge of Federation space, the U.S.S. Shenzou investigates damage to a relay station. What they discover will rock the ship to it’s core, and bring haunting memories back to Commander Burnham…

The Next Generation

Hide and Q

Q’s back, and this time he’s tempting Riker with an offer to join the Continuum…

The Next Generation

When the Bough Breaks

Unable to reproduce themselves, the technologically advanced Aldeans kidnap Wesley and the other Enterprise children…

Star Trek


A survey of Argus X brings memories back for Kirk of a deadly encounter with a vampiric cloud that killed a crew he was on years earlier…

Star Trek

The Conscience of the King

A reputable scientist accuses the lead actor in a travelling troupe of being Kodos the Executioner, who seized control of Tarsus IV twenty years ago and slaughtered half of the colony…

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