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Axanar Confidential Confuses The Situation

Technical issues hampered the premiere edition of Axanar Confidential hosted by Alec Peters, a live YouTube show for fans of the beleaguered production.

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With A Hiccup, Trekzone’s Back!

Well, that was a little bumpier than I’d hoped… but Trekzone is back on Australian shores for the first time in ten years and it feels good!

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Trekzone Gets A Makeover – Site News Roundup

Some exciting developments here on Australia’s first Star Trek fan site this week…

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A Trekzone Conversation

Previewing Discovery’s Second Season

Larry Nemecek is here to piece together all the tidbits of Discovery’s second season.

A Trekzone Conversation

Updating The Holy Core

UK film maker Gary O’Brien is back today to give us an update of his progress on his Star Trek fan film – The Holy Core, which is sounding very exciting…

A Trekzone Conversation

Science Never Sleeps

Three days into the new year and it’s already time for a new Trekzone Conversation! I’m getting the jump on 2018’s season premiere (which started on January 21) by almost three weeks with some exciting plans laid ahead. This month alone Gary O’Brien will give an update on The Holy Core and Larry Nemecek will […]

A Trekzone Commentary

A Trekzone Commentary

DS9’s Captive Pursuit – A Trekzone Commentary

Continuing A Trekzone Commentary is today’s episode as Mum, Keeley and I watch Captive Pusuit! Befriending an alien pursued by hunters from the Gamma Quadrant who intend to kill him, O’Brien defies Sisko and helps him escape… Be sure to catch my recap, review and screencaps over on the episode page now! Also don’t forget, […]

A Trekzone Commentary

DS9’s Q-Less – A Trekzone Commentary

Continuing A Trekzone Commentary is today’s episode as Mum, Keeley and I watch Q-Less! Jean-Luc Picard’s old flame, Vash, arrives on Deep Space Nine… pursued by the omnipotent Q. Be sure to catch my recap, review and screencaps over on the episode page now!  Also, you can catch Trekzone Podcasts on iTunes by clicking here, […]

A Trekzone Commentary

What To Expect From A Trekzone Commentary

Trekzone’s new podcast is now in production with the first five episodes recorded, so here’s what to expect from A Trekzone Commentary… Joining me for each episode is my Mum and sister Keeley. The three of us are parking ourselves in front of the TV every night to watch Deep Space Nine’s first season as […]

Throwback Podcasts Interviews Interviews Jeffrey Combs

To mark the tenth anniversary of the domain registration, I interviewed 5 Trek alumni about their time with the franchise and – for some – what they are working on at the moment. This interview is with Jeffrey Combs, who portrayed Weyoun and Brunt on Deep Space Nine and Commander Shran on Enterprise (among […]

Podcasts Production Goes HD

More behind the scenes action has been happening since I last posted on the site. This week was spent in spreadsheets upon spreadsheets and reviews upon reviews… I’ve been trying to balance the books to justify a new workhorse camera, my first in almost six years. (Sure, I bought a GoPro last year… but that […]


Four Years of Podcasting

Started in 2003 as a high school IT project, was the beginning of an adventure I didn’t know I wanted to have. But ten years later, with a resurgent site, I began podcasting as a way of creating original content. While Anthony Montgomery was the first to sit down for a chat, it’s Supanova’s […]

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