Receives 4 Stars!

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As I continue to work on reviewing episodes today … was visited by Eleanor Denver who reviewed the site for her blog.

TZ got 4 stars!

Eleanor is the creative mind behind LCARS 47, a life like recreation of the Library Computer and Retrieval System. LCARS 47 is a flash based program that has so many layers… I haven’t found them all yet after four weeks!

From planetary scans, medical data and stellar cartography LCARS 47 has it all. (And an easter egg sees your ship assimiliated by the Borg…)

You can customise the animations too, pick your ship name, registry number and the crew roster for it to be displayed within. (I’ll be deploying this for season two of Eternal Night.)

Plus, LCARS 47 can display the Master Systems Display of a bunch of Federation ship classes. Way cool!

Eleanor has made a couple of suggestions for further smoothness of the site layout… and I’ll be looking into those once I get a handle on the Enterprise review process.

You can read the full review here. Thanks Eleanor for the review, and thanks to the entire LCARS 47 development team!

Don’t forget to head to the LCARS 47 home and download this awesome app (I hear the next version is going to be even better!)

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