Year: 2015

Does The Final Frontier Have New Life In Cannon?

Star Trek was an idea from the mind of Gene Roddenberry, a man who flew B-17 bombers in the

The Trekzone Spotlight With Walter Koenig

On the Gold Coast for Supanova, Walter took some time from meeting fans to have a chat about his

The Trekzone Spotlight At Supanova Gold Coast

April 18 2015 was the day Australia's largest independent pop culture and cosplay expo hit the glitter strip for

The Trekzone Spotlight With Dominic Keating

In Perth for Oz Comic Con, the man behind Lt. Malcolm Reed on Star Trek: Enterprise - Dominic Keating

The Fine Line of Fan Production

Over twelve years ago I signed up for my first hosted domain with GeoCities - then a thriving community

Ganymede’s Ocean? – New Research Indicates Water on Jupiter’s Moon

Hubble has found some pretty good evidence that there is a salt water ocean on Jupiter's largest moon. It's thought

NASA News Roundup – SLS Booster and Cassini Provides Some Evidence

A couple of big stories happened overnight (Australian time) at NASA, here's a brief recap: SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM BOOSTER TEST

Reflections with Larry Nemecek

For the first time in's history, I have been in a position to be able to express my

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