Rod Roddenberry Chats Trek 6, Visiting Australia & Trek’s 50th

In The Trekzone Spotlight

The latest Trekzone Spotlight podcast has been released. My guest is Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene, and he joined me from our LA studio. He’s got lots on his plate this year, including a trip to Australia as part of his Roddenberry Adventures company and executive producing the Trek TV series.

We also spoke about the fiftieth anniversary and the Axanar case. Roddenberry comments were brief,

I myself am a huge fan of the fan film companies that are willing to follow the rules and do it right… It seems that they (CBS) have allowed certain fan groups to do these things, as long as they do them correctly… When someone steps outside those lines, there’s going to be prices and penalties to pay. Ultimatley I’m a fan of the fans keeping Star Trek alive, the group I’m really interested in is Star Trek: Continues.

You can check out the full chat with Rod on The Trekzone Spotlight here.

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