Road Trip And Series Wraps Production – Australia’s FIRST Regular Science & SciFi Podcast Ends on a High

In SciFi Weekly

Following a very successful road trip to Australia’s capital, I’ve decided to wrap production of SciFi Weekly and focus on The Trekzone Spotlight. It’s become too time consuming to produce, present, edit and market weekly production with new and engaging content and the weekly deadline is just too much to handle on my own.

For the better part of a decade I have tried to get a weekly production going, with varying degrees of initial success, but in the end they have all ended the same way. That’s a lesson I’ll now learn and try and make peace with.

I have to say a huge thanks to all those that have supported the podcast since it began, Amber for originally coming on board as co-presenter, Buzzard from the 501st for inviting me to their pink stumps day, Glen from the Death Star Canteen – he’s up and running now by the way! And of course my good friend Liam for always offering his two cents on the episodes I’ve produced and the directions I’ve taken.

I can’t forget my parents or my younger sister who have all gotten really excited about seeing my new content (my older sister is probably too busy…) Keeley also stepped up and swung the boom mic for the Canberra trip which was awesome.

The Canberra road trip just seems like the right time to bow out graciously. Never fear, The Trekzone Spotlight will step up and if there is another road trip possibility I’ll take it. Thanks so much for watching, and please – check out the final edition of SciFi Weekly, Canberra Part II:

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