Welcome Star Trek: Discovery – New Name; New Logo; New Ship Premiered at Comic Con

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For the first time since the turn of the century Star Trek fans have a new ‘television’ series coming, and the changes in the consumption of news couldn’t be more dramatic. Now we have Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat to take us into the heart of the writers room and beyond and we have an even more voracious fan base hungry for some ‘prime’ Trek.

Enter Bryan Fuller and the 50th anniversary Star Trek panel, consisting of William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn and Jeri Ryan at today’s proceedings of the San Diego Comic Con. After half an hour of discussion about what has been for our favourite franchise, it was time to talk about the reason why hall H was packed to capacity…

Premiering January on CBS in the US, and on Netflix worldwide.

This little ‘test flight’ has caused quite a stir amongst fan circles today, with it’s obvious design cues from either TOS-era Romulans, or Klingons at any point in the timeline, but it’s feet are seemingly planted post-Nemesis… so we’re still no closer to understanding the meatier components of this new series.

Some discussion on Reddit today hinted at the power vacuum left by the destruction of the Hobus Star (the last time we were cannonically in the prime universe) would cause destabilisation and lead to war, forcing an already weakened Starfleet, still licking their wounds after the Dominion War, into a position where they would need to kitbash ships together to continue the fight or start exploring.

Fuller has commented that this new series will return to what made Trek great, pushing the boundaries and being progressive. Only time will tell.

Hot off the heels of Beyond’s success, in my eyes, in returning to true-Trek… I’m excited, although the CGI team needs more time to hone their craft.

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