EDITORIAL: The Week That Shaped My Life – The Fragility of Life and the Continuation of Existence

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Almost a week and a half ago my father passed away after a long battle with bowel cancer and earlier this week we paid tribute to the man who taught me so much about life, taxes and football (Aussie Rules…) He was my mentor and I enjoyed every moment we had together.

I watched as cancer robbed him of so much of his strength, but somehow there was always more… it’s just another chemo week… he faced life’s toughest challenge head on, knowing the ultimate outcome, and he never waivered once.

For a moment there I took a break from this site and all of my usual occupations, it was a moment to reflect and try to piece together the rest of my life without him. But after only 9 short days I know that I must continue to be me… so despite a heavy heart, I am returning to normality, although now it’s a new kind of normal.

Thank you to all those that donated to the fundraising drive for Bowel Cancer Australia, we raised over $1,300 in just one week… smashing our targets three times! Your donations will go to those that need it the most as they try and beat this awful disease.

Please go and hug your loved ones today, life is short.

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