The Legal Battle of Axanar Continues…

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Carlos Pedraza from Axamonitor joined me back in April for a chat with Axanar’s PR manager Mike Bawden as part two of my coverage of the fan film facing legal action from the rightful copyright holders of the Star Trek franchise. Since then, has been ostracised from Axanar information and interviews due to the perceived bias placed on my coverage.

This has allowed Axanar’s loyal followers to berate me and continually call into question my right to produce podcasts and write opinion pieces on their beloved fan production, with what seems like copy and pasted arguments from a communial handbook.

Robert Burnett – the alleged director of the movie that doesn’t exist so as to avoid copyright infringement – has expressed interest in an interview with me, but for almost six weeks he has refused to lock in any time. Wishing to update my viewers on the case, I turned to AxaMonitor’s Carlos Pedraza for this edition of The Trekzone Spotlight.

Carlos and I spent much of the podcast chatting about the news that has been breaking in the last four months including the timeframe of the new TV series, Vic Mignogna’s attempts to finish off the Continues stories and James Cawley’s successful move into being a licensee and opening his studio to members of the public.

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