EDITORAL: The Thirst For Knowledge – Details Are Few And Far Between, So Are We Making Up Information?

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It’s a time of trepidation for die hard Star Trek fans as we eagerly scour the internet for new tidbits about the upcoming series Discovery, so much so that any time a new rumour surfaces everyone piles on and tries to dissect every last pixel to uncover more information. From that photo of alleged Klingons getting ready for a scene, the rumoured sacking of the entire visual effects team and extrapolation of what a wire mesh actually looks like as a starship.

It’s all speculation and here say, and it’s part of the build up of any new show with as massive a following as Star Trek. The chaps at Trekyards think they have an inside line to the production, while Trekmovie recently sat down with writer Nicholas Meyer and I’m working on other official angles for this website. In the rush to be first, random articles – I’m not going to use President Trump’s favourite catch phrase – will appear on-line so it’s up to you, the reader, to decipher the fact from the fiction… but you can be assured that – from now on – I will work hard to provide only accurate information in any articles I produce.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS: All Access and CBS TV in the USA, and Netflix worldwide, soon.

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