Site Refresh: After Some Back-of-House Coding, The Results Are Shining Through

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In a clear move forward for Australia’s FIRST Star Trek fan site, I’ve prioritised it’s focus with a more ordered navigation and easier to reach goals.

Unlike some other productions out there, I didn’t make any premature announcements about these changes, but now that they are done – lets discuss!

Since there are pages and pages of Star Trek aliens, technology, ships and more are on-line already (most notably, at the riddled-with-ads that anybody can change Memory Alpha and also at my favourite place – Ex Astris Scientia) I’ve decided to dump the section-to-be / that-never-was. TZ will now focus solely on the prime episodes and movies.

Yes indeed, a new look fan films section is back for the first time in almost two years. This time, though, I won’t be using bandwidth promoting other productions (beyond the odd news article and Spotlight podcast) – instead it’s all about, and the fan films I intend to make in the months and years to come.

It’s been a tough slog in the real world to get as motivated as I was early in twenty sixteen, but the momentum is shifting once again and this is the start of that.

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