A Vulcan Hello To Discovery

In Star Trek: Discovery

Official Star Trek has spent 12 years, 4 months and 11 days in hibernation… but it’s time to boldly go once more into the final frontier with a modern take on the classic era of Star Trek.

Wowee… ladies and gentlemen it’s been over a decade since the season finale of Enterprise and the interluding period has been filled with fans acting out their own adventures and a rebooted side of the franchise spinning off, but we are back from the wilderness with some fresh prime timeline Trek to sink our teeth into.

After watching this episode I’m optimistic that we are on the right track, even though I did question the decision to set the show ten years before Kirk, Spock and McCoy. I also questioned the character designs of the Klingons and pondered how there is a massive Klingon ship floating in space, hidden from the advances (and deformations) on Qo’nos.

Almost as if they knew the die hard fans would nit pick anything new, the writers, costumers, make up artists and producers honed their craft and spent countless hours reviewing material that had come before to create a niche pocket in the massive fabric of the Star Trek tapestry.

Full reviews, recaps and screencaps will be posted over in the Discovery section as the episodes are released by Netflix. Tomorrow, to compensate for the geo blocked After Trek, Larry Nemecek will join me to discuss the new show… delving into plenty of detail on the new show.

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