Axanar Redux Is Back

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Back in February, a fan of Axanar decided to re-edit the Prelude mockumentary to omit Alec Peters and insert the original actor Steve Ihnat. It was hailed as a very creative use of source material, which was not very well received by the Axanar camp, who are obviously better at being the thieves of IP rather than the victims.

Nine months later the fan, who does not want to be named, has recut the film once again to feature even more great Steve Ihnat material, including placing him on the pre-TOS bridge. Additional changes include Ihnat’s voice being sampled to create new dialogue, starship FX shots from newer trailers and Terry McIntosh’s data dump.

Interestingly noted in the email I received is a point about the guidelines where fan productions cannot seek any copyright protection on their work… yet Axanar used such a claim to issue a takedown notice on the original edit in February and again on this recut version.

The editor has dedicated this edit to the late Richard Hatch and original Garth actor Steve Ihnat.

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