Year: 2018

Ray Tesi Acquires The Old Continues Sets

You may not recognise his name, but he's about to become another Star Trek fan with his own fully

Author Dayton Ward On Writing Trek Novels

Another noted Trek author joins me for a chat... this time it's Dayton Ward from Kansas, part time writer,

The War Without, The War Within

Back in the prime universe, the Discovery crew are faced with the harsh reality of arriving nine months later

Vance Major Owen On A Stellar Career

Vance Major Owen is one of those great guys that just got stuck into making fan films because he

Eternal Night Completes It’s Run

With the release of the screenplays, you now know exactly what I was hoping to achieve with Australia's FIRST

What’s Past Is Prologue

As the truth of Lorca is revealed, his plans for a coup are put back on track and Burnham

Vaulting Ambition

As Burnham delivers a "gift" to Emperor Georgiou, Staments gains clarity from his counterpart in the mycelial network and

The Wolf Inside

Still stranded in the mirror universe, Burnham faces her first test when she is sent to destroy a colony

Perth’s Aaron Vanderkley On His Third Dive Into Trek Fan Films

He's a two time guest of the show, now back for a third to plug his newest fan film

Lee Sargent’s Drawing His Way Through 2018

It's always fun to meet someone in real life that is as passionate about something as you are, as

Despite Yourself

The malfunctioning spore drive lands the Discovery in the mirror universe, where the crew must learn to take on

Author David Mack Beams In For A Chat

David Mack has been writing Star Trek since 1995, including two screenplays for Deep Space Nine and books set

EDITORIAL: YouTube Shifts The Goal Posts

In this brief episode of The Trekzone Spotlight, I discuss the impact of YouTube's decision to change the goal

The Trek Files Are Coming

He was the first guest on what was to be a podcasting adventure. He's now joined me five times

EDITORIAL: YouTube Threatens To Pull Trekzone ‘Partner Program’ Status

** UPDATE ONE 11:24 19/1: Adjusted figures are in, 159 subscribers and 769 Watch Hours to go I realised that the 'last

*SPOILERS* Discovery’s Back And Some People Hated It (Surprise Surprise)

I just spent the better half of thirty minutes reading the inane musings of Jonathan Lane over at the

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