Looking Back At 2017

In The Trekzone Spotlight

Each year you make resolutions to yourself of things you want to accomplish before another orbit of the sun lands you back in the same spatial coordinates, but you never quite fulfill those hopes and you’re left with making the same promises for another year. Well, I’ve just realised that I did just that with the article I posted twelve months ago today…

I never managed to get the Mission to Mars series of podcasts off the drawing board, mainly because nothing much has happened in that area from those that’ll be sending the rockets to the red planet. I also didn’t get a chance to relaunch the Trekzone Database, aimed at becoming a place for you to browse through the tech and ships of Trek without ALL OF THOSE ADS on other sites like Memory Alpha.

But I did manage to get DS9 and Voyager finished, and work is about to begin on refurbishing Enterprise with shiny new HD screencaps and extended reviews. I also managed to produce 13 episodes of The Trekzone Spotlight, including today’s edition – looking back at the year that was.

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