On Set For The Fall of Starbase One

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What happens when you just get down to making Star Trek fan films, rather than crying about how unfair the rules of the sandbox are? You end up producing your fourth short in three years, and you become a respected name in the fan film community.

Flying the flag for Australia right now is Perth film maker Aaron Vanderkley, now a four time veteran of the show, and I’ve finally made it to the famous filming location… his parent’s garage just east of Perth.  It’s a quiet unassuming street with the only sign something is happening being the multitude of cars parked out the front.

Inside, it’s a Trekkie’s dream – a corridor from the titular station, Starbase One, consumes the entire double garage.  A crew of three aid Aaron in this bold endeavour, and the two actors steel themselves for the scene they’re filming today.  Following the three hour shoot, I managed to grab them for a chat for this edition of The Trekzone Spotlight.

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