Alex Kurtzman’s Own 5 Year Mission

In Star Trek: Discovery

Following news that Discovery showrunners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts were dumped following a cost blowout on the season two premiere episode, Alex Kurtzman – the new EP of the first new TV Trek in over a decade – has now inked a $25 million dollar 5 year deal.

Rumours are abound about what this entails, including thoughts of five new series – the long talked about Starfleet Academy series, a miniseries revolving around Kahn and the return of Captain Picard in a Next Gen spin off. However none of these are confirmed and speculation is rife.

Of course, along with this news is the usual swell of disdain for the future of the franchise from a vocal minority who refuse to accept Discovery and Kurtzman’s visions of the future as part of the Star Trek franchise.

1701NEWS.COM won’t be speculating about what’s to come – however Trekzone Spotlight regular and authority on Trek, Larry Nemecek had this to say on his Portal 47 Facebook group:

Celebrate or bemoan the details of today’s Trek news—but this is huge…at least as an internal barometer of CBS attitude. You have to think that once S2 was OKd for Discovery that a 2nd series of SOMEthing was in the works.

I eagerly await what the future holds.

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