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Each time I dabbled with regular episodes over the last five years, the projects were short lived due to the enormous energy, planning and investment it takes – SciFi Weekly lasted thirteen weeks including a road trip south, TREKZONE.org Interviews was aimed to be monthly… but both were interrupted by other work and life because it’s what happens when you want to keep this whole endeavour as a hobby.

However 2018 has been different for some reason, each week since January 21 (sometimes more) I’ve been bringing you a fresh interview with some of SciFi’s best names – Larry Nemecek, Doug Drexler, David Mack, Dayton Ward… as well as guys making fan films like Gary O’Brien, Gary Davis and Aaron Vanderkley.

In total, 35 episodes have been released in just over 6 months… that’s a staggering thirty one more than the entire year in 2014.  Ratings for the past six months have been huge, 120, 000 views with 7, 950 hours watched, almost 1,000 likes and 400 new subscribers.

But now it’s time for a brief hiatus… it’s time to allow the wheels to cool down and catch my breath – it’s time to try very hard to return to the roots of the show, interviewing SciFi alumni. In fact, I have some plans afoot that I’ll tell you about in good time ;).

Meanwhile, I’ll be covering the Vegas con right here with daily wrap articles just like last year – so stay tuned for that.


Otherwise, see you soon.

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