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In Kurtzman Helmed Trek

As we get set to watch episode two of Star Trek: Discovery tonight, I wanted to take a second to help a few folks out that are having trouble catching Short Treks.

While trying to help an alien stowaway aboard the Discovery, Ensign Tilly discovers that both of them have surprisingly similar problems.

Centuries after Discovery is abandoned, a Human soldier is rescued by the ships artificial intelligence.

A young Kelpien named Saru lives a simple life with his family on the planet Kaminar. His ingenuity and desire to learn more about the universe lead him to a future he never expected.

Captured and at the mercy of a Tellarite bounty hunter, Harry Mudd tries every trick at his disposal to keep from being turned over to the authorities.

Now that the entire episode database has been ported to the new site, I’ll have Trekzone reviews and screencaps on these episodes in the coming week or so.

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