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Australia Commits to Join Artemis; Moon to Mars Exploration

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison attended NASA Headquarters overnight to commit Australia’s new space agency to aiding the US in its return to the Moon by 2025.

General News

Tardigrades Lawsuit Dismissed; Abdin Failed to Demonstrate “Overall Feel” Similarity

The Kuwati-born game developer has had his case against CBS and Netflix dismissed by Judge Lorna Schofield. The Federal Court summarily dismissed the case in a 15 page ruling detailing Abdin’s failings to identify any component of the hit CBS All Access show that was substantially similar.

Site News

Yearly Maintenance Under Way

Time for a fresh coat of paint around the site, as we enter our seventeenth year on the world wide web…

Latest Podcasts

A Trekzone Conversation

Reflecting on The Journey

Today it’s the two hundred and fourth podcast in just over seven years, so join Matt Miller as we take a trip down memory lane in this special episode.

A Trekzone Conversation

A Collection of Firsts

We’ve been Talkin’ Science for a while now, and a pattern is starting to form around the groupings of news headlines we cover each week – from Mars to Gravitational Waves to Exoplanets… today Dr. Brad Tucker and Matt have got a collection of firsts for you.

A Trekzone Conversation

Catching Up With Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves have joined exo planets in being “easy” to find… but what are they?

Star Trek: Discovery

Discovery Takes 3 Gongs At The Saturn Awards

The 45th Saturn Awards, in Hollywood, have just wrapped and Discovery won three times!

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard Filming at Universal Studios?

Trekzone may have stumbled upon the filming location for Star Trek: Picard…


Vegas Day Four

Not much action to report on today at STLV, fans were given time with Bill Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and more… with the main attraction being the Star Trek: Picard panel…


Trekzone @ #STLV : Discovery Season Two BluRay Announced

Discovery’s heading to BluRay and DVD, Trekzone was there when it was announced and now we’ve got the full breakdown from CBS

Latest Episode Update



Following a traumatic attack from a xenophobic species, Tuvok loses his memory and sheds his Vulcan demeanour in favour of a happy, fun loving person…

Random Podcast

A Trekzone Conversation

Meet M87’s Heart

On Wednesday night scientists from the Event Horizon telescope project released the first image of an actual black hole. Brad’s here to tell us more.

Random Episodes

The Animated Adventures

Once Upon A Planet

The Enterpise crew return to the Shore Leave planet… but just like the last visit, things go wrong when the illusions turn deadly…

The Next Generation

The Game

Wesley Crusher visits the Enterprise, only to discover everyone acting strangely thanks to a new mind controlling game with a sinister twist…

Star Trek

Day of the Dove

Responding to a distress call from Beta XII-A, the landing party can’t find any evidence of a colony – let alone one that was attacked. The arrival of a heavily damaged Klingon ship complicates matters when Captain Kang accuses the Enterprise of attacking him…

Star Trek

Patterns of Force

A Federation historian, missing for some time, is discovered by the Enterprise on planet Ekos where he has contaminated the cultural development of the people to resemble Nazi Germany…

Deep Space Nine

What You Leave Behind (9)

This is the Final Chapter of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Following the Dominion withdrawal to a more formidable defensive line, the Alliance musters an armada of ships to attack Cardassia
. The outcome of the battle will determine the victor of the war…

The Next Generation

A Matter of Time

En route to Penthara IV to aid the population following an asteroid impact, the Enterprise encounters a time traveller claiming to be from the 26th century…

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