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Vegas or Bust… Trekzone Is Heading State-side for #STLV19

The money is saved, the passports and visas are approved, the flights are booked and Trekzone is heading to

Talkin’ (One More) Short Trek with Lee Sargent

We were on a bit of a roll with these Short Treks episodes... so here's part two - we're

Talkin’ Short Treks with Lee Sargent

Lee's back, as the Talkin' Trek mini series rolls on. Today we're talking about the first three Short Treks

Major Announcement Imminent

Get set everybody, because on Saturday around 11am - Brisbane time of course - I'll be going live on

Endless Posturing, To Debate or Not To Debate and The Substantial Lack of Any Film Footage

To begin this story, we must travel back to October 2018 when Axanar spokesperson Jonathan Lane read this editorial

Talking Who With Rob McKnight

I've always been meaning to cover all the different flavours of SciFi out there, and when the opportunity came

Announcing Project Phoenix

Bouyed by the ambitious projects released by Samuel Cockings and Gary Davis so far this year - and The

Catching Up With Mike Bawden

It's been a while since we've heard from Mike Bawden, the PR director of beleaguered fan film Axanar. So

Temporal Anomaly Is Here

The first fan film release of 2019 has been dropped by visual effects guru Samuel Cockings. Temporal Anomaly tells the

The Latest On Axanar

Here's the second part to my chat with Axamonitor's Carlos Pedraza about the latest on Axanar... consider supporting Trekzone

Statistics, Facts and Changing Stories : The Latest On Axanar

It's been nine months since Carlos Pedraza joined the show to provide an update on the infamous Star Trek

Watch Short Treks Now!

As we get set to watch episode two of Star Trek: Discovery tonight, I wanted to take a second

Talkin Trek – The Original Series

Lee Sargent is back Talkin' Trek with me as part of a mini series highlight the series of our

Axanar Confidential Confuses The Situation

Technical issues hampered the premiere edition of Axanar Confidential hosted by Alec Peters, a live YouTube show for fans

With A Hiccup, Trekzone’s Back!

Well, that was a little bumpier than I'd hoped... but Trekzone is back on Australian shores for the first

Trekzone Gets A Makeover – Site News Roundup

Some exciting developments here on Australia's first Star Trek fan site this week...NEW LOOK The new look that Burger Digital

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