Author: Matt

Live Action Postponed; Casting Agent Email Forces Halt to Production

Last night, following an email from the casting agent, I decided to postpone the live action filming of Eternal

More Eternal Night Production

Last night and this morning saw more of the 5NEWS bulletin come together, as I travelled over 220 kilometres Receives 4 Stars!

As I continue to work on reviewing episodes today ... was visited by Eleanor Denver who reviewed the

Broken Bow Launches Sunday!

Surprise! Enterprise will launch on Sunday night (Australian eastern time.) First episode is Broken Bow, naturally... synopsis, cast & crew

A Week of Starting Things!

The rough cut of the season one finale is done... now It's time to get serious about production on

Production Debriefing; Breaking Down the Season One Finale Shoot

It's been a week since the first frames were recorded for Australia's first indea Trek series - and now

Eternal Night’s First Frames Roll

Ten days after the bumpy relaunch of, the flagship is about to begin filming. Eternal Night's season one

Welcome to Version 10 of; Colour Drain Heralds New Era of Australia’s FIRST Star Trek Fan Site

Notice a serious lack of colour around the place? Well, it's designed to set the mood for the upcoming

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