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A Jam Packed Talkin’ Science

It's a jam packed Tuesday show of Australia's only science fiction and science podcast. As always, Brad's here Talkin'

Forming Planetary Systems

We're continuing the theme of More Than Star Trek this week on A Trekzone Conversation, with a bite-size podcast

All Female Space Walk Plus Space Junk & SpaceX’s Plan for 40,000 Satellites!

It's all about spacewalks and Earth-orbiting satellites on today's Talkin' Science.Over the last week four major headlines in space

Discovering The Orville

The Orville is the brainchild of Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, star of

Remembering A Pioneer

It's another Tuesday, of another week, in another year here on Planet Earth... and that means Dr. Brad Tucker

From Stargate to Dark Matter – Joseph Mallozzi on His SciFi Career

The Star franchises are near and dear to the hearts of us here at Trekzone, and while we haven't

Galactic Appetite – Plus Marsquakes, Big Planet – Little Star and A Black Hole Flare

We've got another bumper Talkin' Science for you this week as Dr Tucker brings his usual offering of science

Talkin’ Star Trek: Discovery

Lee Sargent's back! We last caught up with him before Vegas or Bust, as we powered through the Berman-era

Space X’s Starship is Go!

Brad's here with details of Space X's starship, a mysterious bubble at the center of the galaxy, the first

A Double Treat from the UK

It's been a few months since Gary O'Brien's The Holy Core premiered to a very positive response from the

Aussie Space Industry Set For Lift Off!

Brad's got the details on the $150m funding boost for the Australian Space Agency in a memorandum of understanding

Reflecting on The Journey

Today it's the two hundred and fourth podcast in just over seven years, so join Matt Miller as we

A Collection of Firsts

We've been Talkin' Science for a while now, and a pattern is starting to form around the groupings of

Catching Up With Gravitational Waves

The University of Queensland's Professor Tamara Davis loves black holes, neutron stars and gravitational waves... and they've all been

Dissecting Chandrayaan-2’s Hard Landing

India's lunar lander - Vikram - and it's rover, may have joined the fate of the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet

Cyber Crime on the Space Station and More – Talkin’ Science Week 36 2019

It's a bumper Talkin' Science for Trekzone's 200th podcast today. Brad's here and he's got details on his work

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