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Looking Ahead To The Axanar Debate

For a while now there's been a fracture in Star Trek fan film circles... those that support Alec Peters'

Prelude to The Axanar Debate

Following my departure from "active" Axanar fact check and personal posting (some might say "negative"), Fan Film Factor's Jonathan

Talkin’ Trek With Lee Sargent

I love Star Trek, and I'm not the only one... Star Trek is a global phenomenon with millions of

Stage 9’s Ray Tesi Opens Up About The fan Appreciation Weekend

Following my op ed about the whole schamozle that is Star Trek fandom at the moment - specifically relating

Reflecting On Star Trek: Continues

At the height of Star Trek fan films earlier this decade, Continues stood out from the pack with its

Sam Cockings Teases Upcoming Fan Films

The guru behind Once More With Feeling's visual effects, Mr. Sam Cockings, is today's guest on A Trekzone Conversation

Discussing Stage 9 – The Fan Made Enterprise VR Experience

On Monday, I published an article about the fan made virtual reality experience that received a cease and desist

DS9’s In The Hands of the Prophets – A Trekzone Commentary

A disruptive Bajoran cleric threatens to destroy the alliance between Bajor and the Federation, as she objects to the

Catching Up With Dominic Keating

Star Trek: Enterprise alumni Dominic Keating was in Australia for Oz Comic Con's Brisbane convention last weekend and following

DS9’s Duet – A Trekzone Commentary

A Cardassian visitor is discovered to be the merciless former commander of a brutal forced labour camp... Join Mum, Keeley

DS9’s Dramatis Personae – A Trekzone Commentary

An exploding Klingon ship sparks a chain of events which divide the station's personnel into two violent, competing camps... Join

DS9’s The Forsaken – A Trekzone Commentary

Odo finds himself trapped in a turbolift with visiting dignitary Ambassador Lwaxana Troi. Join Mum, Keeley and I as we

DS9’s If Wishes Were Horses – A Trekzone Commentary

When the secret desires of everyone on the station start to become reality, chaos ensues... Join Mum, Keeley and I

DS9’s Progress – A Trekzone Commentary

Checking on the Bajoran moons, Kira encounters a stubborn old Bajoran farmer who refuses to follow the Provisional Government's

DS9’s The Storyteller – A Trekzone Commentary

O'Brien becomes the voice for a Bajoran village, the voice that stops a destructive force on the horizon every

DS9’s Battle Lines – A Trekzone Commentary

Sisko, Kira and Kai Opaka, the Bajoran spiritual leader, crash land on a moon where there is no escape...

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