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Reflecting On Star Trek: Continues

At the height of Star Trek fan films earlier this decade, Continues stood out from the pack with its

Discussing Stage 9 – The Fan Made Enterprise VR Experience

On Monday, I published an article about the fan made virtual reality experience that received a cease and desist

DS9’s In The Hands of the Prophets – A Trekzone Commentary

A disruptive Bajoran cleric threatens to destroy the alliance between Bajor and the Federation, as she objects to the

DS9’s Duet – A Trekzone Commentary

A Cardassian visitor is discovered to be the merciless former commander of a brutal forced labour camp... Join Mum, Keeley

DS9’s Dramatis Personae – A Trekzone Commentary

An exploding Klingon ship sparks a chain of events which divide the station's personnel into two violent, competing camps... Join

DS9’s The Forsaken – A Trekzone Commentary

Odo finds himself trapped in a turbolift with visiting dignitary Ambassador Lwaxana Troi. Join Mum, Keeley and I as we

DS9’s If Wishes Were Horses – A Trekzone Commentary

When the secret desires of everyone on the station start to become reality, chaos ensues... Join Mum, Keeley and I

DS9’s Progress – A Trekzone Commentary

Checking on the Bajoran moons, Kira encounters a stubborn old Bajoran farmer who refuses to follow the Provisional Government's

DS9’s The Storyteller – A Trekzone Commentary

O'Brien becomes the voice for a Bajoran village, the voice that stops a destructive force on the horizon every

DS9’s Battle Lines – A Trekzone Commentary

Sisko, Kira and Kai Opaka, the Bajoran spiritual leader, crash land on a moon where there is no escape...

DS9’s Vortex – A Trekzone Commentary

An arrested murderer tells Odo that he knows where to find others of his kind... Join Mum, Keeley and I

DS9’s The Nagus – A Trekzone Commentary

Grand Nagus Zek, the leader of the Ferengi, names Quark as his successor, making the bartender an instant target

DS9’s Move Along Home – A Trekzone Commentary

The second group of visitors from the Gamma Quadrant, the Wadi, love their games and force Quark to play

DS9’s The Passenger – A Trekzone Commentary

Responding to a distress call, Kira and Bashir aboard the Rio Grande come to the aid of a prisoner

DS9’s Dax – A Trekzone Commentary

Mum, Keeley and I are continuing watching Deep Space Nine's first season with episode seven Dax. After an attempt to

DS9’s Q-Less – A Trekzone Commentary

Continuing A Trekzone Commentary is today's episode as Mum, Keeley and I watch Q-Less! Jean-Luc Picard's old flame, Vash, arrives

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