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EDITORAL: The Thirst For Knowledge – Details Are Few And Far Between, So Are We Making Up Information?

It's a time of trepidation for die hard Star Trek fans as we eagerly scour the internet for new

Fan Edit of Prelude to Axanar Deletes Alec Peters

From Axamonitor: A pseudonymous fan of the short film Prelude to Axanar released an edited version on YouTube on February

Welcome to the New Year!

While work continues on the back end of the site, here is just a few things you can expect

The New Year is Almost Here!

While work continues on the back end of the mobile site (for the better part of the last month Goes Mobile

Starting today, I have begun to separate into two distinct websites.  One will service those of you visiting’s Hiatus – Forced ‘Go Slow’ Period Is Almost Over!

Following devastating personal news, I have been quite inactive on the site the past three months. But that is

EDITORIAL: Different Reporting Styles Lead To Conflict

Yesterday morning (Australian time), I interviewed Jonathan Lane - the blogger behind Fan Film Factor and organiser of Project

The Legal Battle of Axanar Continues…

Carlos Pedraza from Axamonitor joined me back in April for a chat with Axanar's PR manager Mike Bawden as

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