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New Trek Is Almost Here! – First We’ll Go Beyond, Then We Must Prepare for New Adventures

It's shaping up to be a great time to be a Trekkie once again as CBS Home Entertainment and

Star Trek Fan Event in Hollywood Honours Nimoy; Premieres Trailer for New Movie

An interesting event took place in and around Paramount's famous stage 32 in Hollywood on Friday evening LA time.

CBS Releases Star Trek 6 Teaser at Upfronts

CBS Television has taken a big step forward at their upfront presentations in New York, releasing the first details

Axanar’s Second Motion To Dismiss Denied

On Monday lawyers from both sides of the Axanar case met in court for the first time. Buoyed by

The Final Seasons

After three and a half years, I've finally reached the final seasons of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. It's In May

With just a few months until the official birthday of Star Trek, I've got just enough time to wrap

Ratings Report: March 2016

March has been a month of growth for me professionally, personally and in my hobby - running this website. News Relaunches

Welcome back to the News section. Aside from a brief spurt of information as I tried out a

To Boldly Go… Again – A New TV Series is Coming!

"This is thrilling..."Larry Nemecek - email to TREKZONE.orgStar Trek is coming back to the episodic format almost ten years

Does The Final Frontier Have New Life In Cannon?

Star Trek was an idea from the mind of Gene Roddenberry, a man who flew B-17 bombers in the

The Fine Line of Fan Production

Over twelve years ago I signed up for my first hosted domain with GeoCities - then a thriving community

Ganymede’s Ocean? – New Research Indicates Water on Jupiter’s Moon

Hubble has found some pretty good evidence that there is a salt water ocean on Jupiter's largest moon. It's thought

NASA News Roundup – SLS Booster and Cassini Provides Some Evidence

A couple of big stories happened overnight (Australian time) at NASA, here's a brief recap:SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM BOOSTER TEST

Water On Mars: The Continuing Research

NASA scientists have been using ground-based observatories to learn more about the water that flowed all over ancient Mars.

VALE: Harve Bennett is saddened to report that Harve Bennett has passed away at the age of 84.Harve came aboard Star

Dawn Spacecraft Approaches Ceres – Revolutionary Propulsion Powers Probe Towards Asteroid

NASA's Dawn spacecraft is using ion propulsion, which is more efficient than the traditional chemical propellant, to get around

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