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Trekzone Episode Reviews

Episode Reviews Are Moving

In an effort to streamline workflows and integrate the one brand on-line, I’ve decided to move the entire catalogue over to this site – and rename ‘1701NEWS’ back to News. As part of this move, all 740+ episodes and the 13 movies will be migrating across to this site over the coming weeks […]

Star Trek: Discovery

The Star Trek Discovery Story So Far

Star Trek Discovery is nine episodes old now, and for the first time in our history, the Trek Geeks and The Trekzone Spotlight have had fresh Trek to talk about. Excited, I reached out to one half of the Trek Geeks team – Dan Davidson – to chat about the new series, it’s haters, its […]

Random Episodes

Deep Space Nine


Doctor Bashir is smitten by a new officer who arrives on the station. However, her race struggles with “standard” gravity and she is confined to a wheelchair until Bashir discovers a treatment…


In the Flesh

Tracing Federation subspace signatures to an advanced holographic recreation of Starfleet Headquarters, Chakotay discovers the perpetrators are Species 8472…

Deep Space Nine

The Die is Cast

The Cardassian and Romulan fleet assaults the homeworld of the Founders, but some allies can’t be trusted and the battle takes a decisive turn for the worst…

The Animated Adventures

The Practical Joker

After passing through a strange cloud in space, the ship’s computer gains an artificial intelligence that’s relentlessly bent on performing practical jokes on the crew…

The Next Generation

Coming of Age

While Wesley takes the gruelling entrance exam for Starfleet Academy, Picard finds himself similarly tested…

The Next Generation

The Bonding

On a routine archeological survey mission Lieutenant Aster is killed, she is survived by a son who has also lost his father. As the Commander of the mission, Worf takes it upon himself to guide the boy…

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