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Episode Reviews Are Moving

In an effort to streamline workflows and integrate the one brand on-line, I’ve decided to move the entire catalogue over to this site – and rename ‘1701NEWS’ back to News. As part of this move, all 740+ episodes and the 13 movies will be migrating across to this site over the coming weeks […]

Star Trek: Discovery

The Star Trek Discovery Story So Far

Star Trek Discovery is nine episodes old now, and for the first time in our history, the Trek Geeks and The Trekzone Spotlight have had fresh Trek to talk about. Excited, I reached out to one half of the Trek Geeks team – Dan Davidson – to chat about the new series, it’s haters, its […]

Random Episodes


Demons (1)

Back in the Prime Universe: Returning to Earth for an historic Starfleet conference to ratify the coalition of planets, Archer and crew uncover a dangerous plot by a radical xenophobic group. Meanwhile, Trip and T’Pol receive bizarre news…



Responding to a distress call, Voyager finds a ship occupied by a sole hologram. Trying to help, The Doctor discovers the hologram’s terrible secret…

The Next Generation


After Worf is paralyzed by a freak accident in the cargo bay, he decides that ritual suicide is his only choice. However a visiting doctor, with questionable morals, may have the solution.

Star Trek

The Return of the Archons

Investigating planet Beta III, an away team discovers the population acting like zombies – obeying their unseen ruler Landru…

Deep Space Nine

Family Business

When a liquidator from the Ferengi Commerce Authority visits Quark, it’s discovered his mother has been charged with making profit…



After successfully bargaining for tellerium on the Mokra homeworld, Torres and Tuvok are captured by Mokra soldiers while Janeway is taken in by a delusional old man who believes the Captain is his long-lost daughter…

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