Season 1

Episode TitleProd #Ep #TZ ReleaseAvailableStardate
The Vulcan Hello DIS101 1x01 26/09/2017 1207.3
Battle At The Binary Stars DIS102 1x02 27/09/2017 Unknown
Context Is For Kings DIS103 1x03 02/10/2017 Unknown
The Butcher's Knife Cares Not For The Lambs Cry DIS104 1x04 09/10/2017 Unknown
Choose Your Pain DIS105 1x05 17/10/2017 Unknown
Lethe DIS106 1x06 06/11/2017 Unknown
Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad DIS107 1x07 06/11/2017 Unknown
Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum DIS108 1x08 08/01/2018 Unknown
Into the Forest I Go DIS109 1x09 08/01/2018 Unknown
Despite Yourself DIS110 1x10 28/01/2018 Unknown
The Wolf Inside DIS111 1x11 28/01/2018 Unknown
Vaulting Ambition DIS112 1x12 29/01/2018 Unknown
What's Past Is Prologue DIS113 1x13 30/01/2018 Unknown
The War Without, The War Within DIS114 1x14 06/02/2018 Unknown
Will You Take My Hand DIS115 1x15 13/02/2018 Unknown

Season 2

Episode TitleProd #Ep #TZ ReleaseAvailableStardate

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