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Remembering A Pioneer

It's another Tuesday, of another week, in another year here on Planet Earth... and that means Dr. Brad Tucker

Space X’s Starship is Go!

Brad's here with details of Space X's starship, a mysterious bubble at the center of the galaxy, the first

A Collection of Firsts

We've been Talkin' Science for a while now, and a pattern is starting to form around the groupings of

Dissecting Chandrayaan-2’s Hard Landing

India's lunar lander - Vikram - and it's rover, may have joined the fate of the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet

Cyber Crime on the Space Station and More – Talkin’ Science Week 36 2019

It's a bumper Talkin' Science for Trekzone's 200th podcast today. Brad's here and he's got details on his work

Robots in Space, Crime on the ISS & More Exoplanets

It's that time of the week, Trekzone's Talkin' Science podcast! Brad's in South East Queensland this week for presentations

So Much Talkin’ Science To Do!

Welcome to a brand new week of Trekzone podcasting, and welcome to the next instalment of Talkin' Science -

Tardigrades In Space!

Episode #187 It turns out Isreal's failed Beresheet mission may have deposited thousands of tardigrades suspended in amber on to

Finding Exoplanets – Talkin’ Science

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has been busy since it's launch last year, when it replaced the Kepler

Two Massive Weeks – One Final Countdown

It's been a crazy adventure getting to three days to go and it's not over yet - by the

50 Years Since That One Giant Leap…

We've got a special Talkin' Science episode for you today, as the world celebrates 50 years since Neil Armstrong

50 Years After Apollo 11

Episode #174 Brad and I discuss Japan's magnificent effort to successfully land on an asteroid - again... India's delayed effort

A Big Week For NASA As An Exo Planet Gives Up Some Secrets

Episode #171 Brad's Talkin' Science. Our headlines today - NASA donates an official copy of the telemetry and transmissions for

Drones on Titan, Chasing Comets and Finding Neutron Stars!

Episode #166Brad's here with the space and science headlines of the week - including NASA's #Dragonfly mission to Saturn's

Story Telling at NASA as Humanity Prepares to Return to the Moon

Liz Landau is one of those folks who has a cool job... she's a story teller at NASA's Jet

Cassini’s Final Images While A Meteorite Strikes Above Queensland

We Talk Science on Tuesday's here at Trekzone HQ when our favourite astrophysicist dials in to chat about the

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