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Star Trek has a massive fan base that, with the internet, has the ability to reach unusual and wonderful places that wouldn't have been possible when the show first premiered. From fans producing podcasts, a community moderated wikipedia site and, like, one man's passion which turns into a massive undertaking (like Bernd's Ex Astris Scientia.)
    Chris Jones runs a fantastic network of podcasts covering a whole range of topics in the Star Trek universe.

  • LCARS 47
    A team of passionate graphic designers working on making a kick ass interactive LCARS display.

  • Geek Apocalypse
    Geek Apocalypse is where geeks can gather together from their small corners of fear and self doubt and talk/engage/warp speed about their interests, hobbies, literally anything that we discover!

  • Star Trek: Risa
    Connect, Share and Interact with Star Trek fans all over the world.

  • Some Kind of Star Trek
    Thoughts, news, reviews and analysis about Star Trek.

  • The Engage Podcast
    3 Star Trek enthusiasts that just love Star much so that we've even decided to talk about, the past, present and future of the series.

  • Trekkie Girls
    Some say they were booted out of Starfleet and sent back to the 21st century as punishment. Others believe they are two ordinary fans with no lives (Shatner told them.) {Straight from their website...!!)}

  • Ex Astris Scientia
    EAS is an unofficial, privately owned and strictly non-commercial website dedicated to Star Trek.
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