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Eleven years after Enterprise left the airwaves, CBS announced that Star Trek was returning to the silver screen in a way befitting of the stalwart franchise, aboard it's flagship streaming service CBS All Access (and planet wide on streaming giant Netflix.) And while the drought between The Original Series and The Next Generation was longer by about five years, there was a global fanbase filling the interluding period with their own slices of Star Trek. Nothing beats official Trek though and we are about to boldly go once again.

Star Trek Discovery follows two ships in a time before Captain Kirk's Enterprise left spacedock...
  Prod # Ep # US Air Date AU Air Date TZ Release Available Stardate  
Episode One DSC 01 1x01 24.09.17 25.09.17 25.09.17    
Episode Two DSC 02 1x02 24.09.17 25.09.17 25.09.17      
Episode Three DSC 03 1x03 01.10.17 02.10.17 02.10.17      
Episode Four DSC 04 1x04 08.10.17 09.10.17 09.10.17      
Episode Five DSC 05 1x05 15.10.17 16.10.17 16.10.17      
Episode Six DSC 06 1x06 22.10.17 23.10.17 23.10.17      
Episode Seven DSC 07 1x07 29.10.17 29.10.17 29.10.17      
Episode Eight DSC 08 1x08 05.11.17 05.11.17 05.11.17      
Episode Nine DSC 09 1x09 01.18 01.18 01.18      
Episode Ten DSC 10 1x10 01.18 01.18 01.18      
Episode Eleven DSC 11 1x11 01.18 01.18 01.18      
Episode Twelve DSC 12 1x12 TBA TBA TBA      
Episode Thirteen DSC 13 1x13 TBA TBA TBA      
Episode Fourteen DSC 14 1x14 TBA TBA TBA      
Episode Fifteen DSC 15 1x15 TBA TBA TBA      
Star Trek: Discovery News
Star Trek Discovery is available on Netflix across the planet, except for the United States where the show airs on CBS All Access.
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