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Following the success of The Next Generation in syndication, Paramount decided to launch another spin-off series. Because this new series would run concurrent for at least two years alongside TNG, it was decided to set the third installment in the live action franchise on a space station, and so Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was born.

Since TNG's fourth season episode The Wounded, that show had been setting up it's sister show with various plot threads and characters to explore, but DS9 really began to shine from it's fourth season as we went down a much darker path then the shiny Enterprise-D, taking a hard look at life in the United Federation of Planets and eventually featuring the Dominion War - the first major inter-species conflict ever on the show.

In the end, unlike any Trek show before or since, Deep Space Nine wrapped up all of it's plot threads at the end of the seven seasons, but as they say -- SPOILERS!

Explore Deep Space Nine on through this portal. Each episode review is listed by season, available through the below images. Or for other content pertaining to this series click on the text links below.
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