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A Trill outcast hires two Klingon mercenaries to aid in the forcible removal of the Dax symbiont...
On this episode of Deep Space Nine, we learn more about the relationship between host and symbiont as Jadzia is forcibly removed from Dax after a siege (seriously DS9, get better security!) We focus on the Sisko-Dax relationship and see it develop stronger, while Doctor Bashir starts to develop a more charming personality (finally...)
All but a skeleton crew has been evacuated from the station due to a 'violent plasma disruption.' In Ops, Kira reports that the station is holding up well... she evens shows some admiration for the design. Dax informs Sisko that the Orinoco is ready for launch if it's needed.

In the docking ring, O'Brien and Odo are locking down all of the docking ports when they hear something inside an airlock... it turns out to be Quark who seems to be praying. After some tit-for-tat between the Security Chief and Quark, the trio leave. And the camera pans to reveal a device on the bulkhead.

In Ops, Dax reports the intensity has increased by 37% as Bashir arrives noting he's 'struck the sails and battened the hatches. A vessel approaches setting off an alarm... they report distress due to the storm. Kira activates a tractor beam to tow them into docking bay 5, where O'Brien and Odo arrive just as three mercenaries and a Trill storm the airlock.

They demand Odo morph into a container which he begrudgingly agrees to do. They march into the Infirmary taking Bashir by surprise, ordering him to put the box with Odo into a stasis chamber, they all head to Ops to complete the takeover of the station.

Huddling together while Verad disables the station's remaining systems, O'Brien and Sisko muse as to how these mercenaries got aboard so easily... the Chief surmises that Quark had something to do with it, much to the chagrin of Kira. Jadzia stares at the Trill trying to remember who he is as Quark is brought up to Ops and plays innocent.

Kira doesn't buy it for a second, but Sisko wants to get to the bottom of whats going on... Verad informs him that he wants Dax - not Jadzia the host, but Dax the symbiont. Verad tells his story of how he tried to be joined, studying for years ... only to be told that he is 'unsuitable.'

To get the ball rolling, Verad fires at O'Brien's shoulder causing him to fall backwards...Jadzia tells everyone to comply - she doesn't want anyone else to get hurt. After tending to the Chief, Bashir is marched with Dax to the infirmary.

There, the Doctor and Jadzia have a moment as they face the inevitable outcome of removing the symbiont - her death. Meanwhile, in Ops, Sisko, Kira and O'Brien discuss how long Jadzia will survive - Sisko surmises that the science officer may only just make it through the night. Upset by the amount of talking the Klingon named Yeto kicks O'Brien in the wounded shoulder which causes Sisko and Kira to fight their captors.

Back in the infirmary, Bashir delicately performs the transplant operation without any complications. Everyone is waiting in Ops for news as Quark and Kira discuss plans to retake the station and she expresses her disgust at him for allowing this group to bypass the security grid and board the station. Kira states that Quark has crossed the line.

Kira walks away and Mareel explains why she's helping Verad, he rescued her from her homeworld on Khefka IV where she worked in an accommodation house, she used to help him relax and when he was recalled to Trill she went with him. She says that she owes Verad her life. Sisko tries to convince her that Verad will not be the same after the joining, he will become the culmination of all the previous hosts... but Mareel doesn't buy that. Verad arrives in Ops and brushes Mareel aside stating that he is Verad Dax.

In the Infirmary, Julian is working to stablise Jadzia... but when he asks for Yeto's help the Klingon refuses saying that she should have fought harder to survive. Bashir, in another development for his character, sternly informs the Klingon that he will try his best to save her. Yeto smiles and operates the instrument and Jadzia wakes... she's upset and scared but Julian reassures her that she's not going to die.

In Ops, Sisko and Verad recollect all their memories together.. laughing and joking they remember Sisko's bachelor party and then discovering the wormhole where the reunion takes a serious note. Sisko tries to convinces Verad that Jadzia should be allowed to live - Verad says that she will live on in him. Sisko loses patience and informs him that their friendship is over. Mareel, overhearing the conversation, sees the change in her partner.

A short time later as Verad sits in Sisko's office, the commander continues to press his case with Mareel about how changed Verad is but she still doesn't buy it. Quark, tired and restless, throws a coin along the floor to distract T'Kar... only to end up jumping on his back rodeo style and then be flung off onto the Ops console. Quark grabs his ear and begins shrieking in pain.

Mareel takes the Ferengi to the infirmary where Quark fains injury and surreptitiously convinces Bashir to run more tests. Mareel returns to Ops where Verad reports a 20% drop in storm intensity, they discuss their escape plan but she feels something is different... she asks if everything is going to be alright and Verad doesn't answer directly. Sisko catches her eye with an 'I told you so' look.

Back in the Infirmary, Quark is continuing to shriek to the annoyance of Yeto, as Bashir informs him of two possibly fatal conditions that may have afflicted the bar tender. He asks Yeto for help once again who isn't pleased about becoming the nurse, but Bashir tells him to hold an instrument against the ear while he prepares a hypospray... returning to Quark he hypo's the Klingon knocking him out cold.

Bashir takes Odo out of the stasis chamber and Quark cracks open the case. In Ops, T'Kar reports another 15% drop in storm intensity and Verad is satisfied that they can leave now. He calls for Yeto, but with no response they panic and he orders T'Kar to escort him to their ship... taking Kira as a hostage.

Verad takes one final look at Mareel and says goodbye to Sisko, saying not many friendships last over two lifetimes... and wishing they could've made it three. He turns and exits down a corridor. A short time later, Mareel tells Sisko that the plan had changed - she wasn't supposed to wait for him.

Sisko finally convinces her that Verad is not the same man and she lets him go with a phaser in hand. In the docking ring, Verad, T'Kar and Kira arrive at an airlock to find a work bench and no ship waiting... as Verad turns back to T'Kar the bench morphs into Odo who informs them that he released the docking clamps. Kira takes the moment to beat up T'Kar who fights back as Verad escapes. Odo helps Kira defeat the Klingon as Verad arrives at another docking port where a runabout - and Sisko - are waiting.

After some conversation it seems that Sisko is going to let him go, but he fires. Returning to the infirmary, Verad is without the symbiont and Jadzia recovering. Jadzia says that Verad's escapade will always be with her.
Avery Brooks as Commander Sisko
Nana Visitor as Major Kira
Terry Farrell as Lieutenant Dax
Siddig El Fadil as Doctor Bashir
Colm Meaney as Chief O'Brien
René Auberjonois as Odo
Armin Shimerman as Quark
Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko
Guest Cast:
John Glover
Megan Gallagher
Tim Russ
Steve Rankin
Teleplay By:
John Whelpley and
Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Written By:
John Whelpley
Directed By:
Les Landau
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