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En route to observe part of a trinary star system, the crew's daily tasks turn into obsessions. Unaffected, T'Pol must figure out the cause and save the ship...
A coule of "origins" are in this ep - firstly Red Alert... at this stage called Tactical Alert and the revised Captain's chair (that'll get revised again in 2 years!)

Another addition to the great episodes list.
Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathon Archer
Jolene Blalock as Subcommander T'Pol
Connor Trinneer as Cmdr Charles Tucker III
Dominic Keating as Lt Malcolm Reed
John Billingsley as Doctor Phlox
Anthony Montgomery as Ens Travis Mayweather
Linda Park as Ens Hoshi Sato
Guest Cast:
John Fleck
Matt Winston
Vaughn Armstrong
Gary Graham
Keith Allan
Jim Fitzpatrick
Written By:
Chris Black
Directed By:
Patrick Norris
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