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During dealings with an Orion businessman, Archer is presented with three Orion slave girls. To the chagrin of Enterprise's female crew, the green ladies quickly seduce all the men on board, except one...
These days, when a series is failing in the ratings... a "sexy" episode is created in order to boost the ratings in the male demographic. This is Enterprise's.

It's funny how the Orions were introduced in the Original Series and then they weren't seen in the 24th century series (save for a few mentions) and now we've come full circle. A sign of the times perhaps?

It was good to see Trip save the day...
Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathon Archer
Jolene Blalock as Subcommander T'Pol
Connor Trinneer as Cmdr Charles Tucker III
Dominic Keating as Lt Malcolm Reed
John Billingsley as Doctor Phlox
Anthony Montgomery as Ens Travis Mayweather
Linda Park as Ens Hoshi Sato
Guest Cast:
William Lucking
Cyia Batten
Derek Magyar
Crystal Allen
Menina Fortunato
Written By:
Manny Coto
Directed By:
Allan Kroeker
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