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In the one hour season finale - Five News takes over and brings us the latest on stories developing in universe.

The headlines:
Finally charged. The man accused of king hitting our V-J finally taken into police custody... after more than eleven months free.

Watch and Act Alert...North Haverton residents on guard, as fires continue to burn out-of-control on the outskirts of town.

And Calling Australia Home, ex U-S Marine, Captain Phillip Green arrives in Perth... ahead of a ten day national tour to promote his views... five news understands he's here to stay.

Dan Luxton as Ryan Mackenzie
Candice Barnes as Katie Cooper
Jeremy Levi as Captain Phillip Green

Also Starring:
Anna Brockway as Cathy Bates
James Helm
as Jason Smith
Elwyn Edwards
as Superintendant Barry Jarvis
David Simpson as Mark Cunningham
Lloyd Johnson as Brian Douglas
Paul Adams as Mark Williams
Tim Appleton
as Elliot Spencer
Guest Cast:
Barbara Baugh
Craig Bastian
Penny Brown-O'Dare

Featuring the Voice Talents of:
Jayce Barker
Matt Neagle
James Cutchey
Leigh Muirhead
Neil Wilcock
Special Thanks To:
Robert Wiseman
Ethan Angel
Rex Haw
Claire Rees
Roshan Weddikkara
Ross Mason
Jamie Aldwell
Mark Eaton
Chris Peters
Viv Poulton
Perth Production Vehicles:
John Hughes

Written & Directed By:
Matthew Miller
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