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Once More, With Feeling
A Star Trek Fan Film

With the new guidelines released by Star Trek's owners, I'm feeling good about making my own slice of Star Trek once more and I'm very keen to get the ball rolling on this idea. Set during the final season of Deep Space Nine, we open this one off special with the Captain and First Officer reflecting on the Dominion War when they receive a distress call from Federation prisoners of war.

Paying homage to the decisive naval battle in the Indian Ocean between the Royal Australian Navy light cruiser HMAS Sydney and the Kriegsmarine merchant raider HKS Kormoran during the second world war, I've written Once More, With Feeling's key battle sequence paying close attention to the details recorded in the history books.

The plan at this early stage of pre-production is to release this film to commemorate the tenth anniversary of finding the Sydney at her final resting place off the West Australian coast.

More Details to come.

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