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Embarking on their first mission, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D meet the super-being Q, who tasks them with discovering the truth behind a mysterious new starbase...
Wowee!! I wonder whether this is what it was like to watch first run... I've never seen the D look so gorgeous and elegant. And the film print has come up very nicely! The first encounter with Q and everyone on the bridge too.

I always find it cringeworthy to watch early Star Trek, they refer a lot to old concepts and the acting a little forced. But since this is the first time I've seen Encounter at Farpoint for at least four or five years, it's a change I can get used to.

By the way, Data's eyes have come out very yellow in this transfer... interesting. At the court, something that I'd never seen before - there is a strip of the division colour on the end of the pants.

The episode keeps me on the hook, fast paced... even though I know what's going to happen. Even the models stand up well to the HD treatment... and Crusher's hair! It's red-er. Tapping sounds are alot more like clicks at the moment.

I'd forgotten about DeForest Kelley's cameo in this episode, such a bittersweet moment as he hands over the ship to Data. Also, the first mention of the Ferengi... trying to build them as the "enemy of the series" - unfortunatley that didn't pan out...

Finishing off the episode, I cannot wait for the next episodes... and especially what I know will come - noteably the Borg...
Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard
Jonathon Frakes
as Commander Riker
Gates McFadden
as Doctor Crusher
Brent Spiner
as Lt. Commander Data
LeVar Burton
as Lt. LaForge
Denise Crosby
as Lt. Yar
Michael Dorn
as Lt. Worf
Marina Sirtis
as Counselor Troi
Wil Wheaton
as Wesley Crusher
Special Guest Appearance:
DeForest Kelley

Guest Cast:
John DeLancie
Michael Bell
Written By:
D.C. Fontana and
Gene Roddenberry
Directed By:
Corey Allen

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