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On his way to Starfleet Academy, Wesley must care for an injured Captain Picard when their shuttle crash lands on a desert moon...
That's right everyone... it's a Wesley episode. His final mission as it were. We finally give the Ensign some screen time beyond pushing buttons and then he's off to the Academy. This marks the first appearance of Ensign Allenby, who'll be the new helm officer. First mention of Groundskeeper Boothby too.

A nice little heart to heart between Wesley and an injured Picard almost brought a tear to the eye... almost. I know that we'll see him again in future episodes.
Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard
Jonathon Frakes
as Commander Riker
Gates McFadden
as Doctor Crusher
Brent Spiner
as Lt. Commander Data
LeVar Burton
as Lt. Commander LaForge
Michael Dorn
as Lt. Worf
Marina Sirtis
as Counselor Troi
Wil Wheaton
as Ensign Wesley Crusher
Guest Cast:
Nick Tate
Kim Hamilton
Mary Kohnert

Teleplay By:
Kacey Arnold-Ince
Jeri Taylor

Story By:
Kacey Arnold-Ince
Directed By:
Corey Allen
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