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Investigation a distress call from the USS Constellation, the Enterprise encounters a super weapon capable of destroying entire solar systems... which it consumes as food.
Another great who-dunnit Trek style... they really pulled these off well in the original run. As someone from fifty years in the future watching these "old school" eps you can get swept away with the very different style of production in these episodes, but with an episode like this that just disappears and you focus on the cracking storyline.
William Shatner as Captain Kirk
Leonard Nimoy
as Commander Spock
James Doohan
as Commander Scott
DeForest Kelley
as Doctor McCoy
Nichelle Nichols
as Lt. Uhura
George Takei
as Lt. Sulu
Walter Koenig as Ens. Chekov
Guest Cast:
William Windom
Elizabeth Rogers
John Winston
Richard Compton
John Copage
Tim Burns
Written By:
Norman Spinrad
Directed By:
Marc Daniels
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