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Serving as courier for several diplomatic delegations, the Enterprise is attacked en route to Babel. When one of the dignitaries is murdered, Spock's father Sarek is the prime suspect...
An amazing chapter in the Star Trek saga. I have a new appreciation for the 2009 movie's scenes set on Vulcan with young Spock having seen this (what I treat as actual canon.) This was all about family, and how sometimes that means more than duty.

In some ways it did seem like an "old" romantic movie, but that really is the period isn't it?
William Shatner as Captain Kirk
Leonard Nimoy
as Commander Spock
James Doohan
as Commander Scott
DeForest Kelley
as Doctor McCoy
Nichelle Nichols
as Lt. Uhura
George Takei
as Lt. Sulu
Walter Koenig as Ens. Chekov
Guest Cast:
Mark Lenard
Jane Wyatt
William O'Connell
Majel Barrett
Reggie Nalder
James X. Mitchell
Written By:
D.C. Fontana
Directed By:
Joseph Pevney
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