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The Enterprise travels back in time to 1968 to understand how Earth survived the year. When a transporter beam is intercepted, Kirk meets Gary Seven who claims to be sent by advanced beings trying to help Earth...
I never knew this was a back-door pilot for a new series if Star Trek was to be cancelled, I guess it would've been a little cool to see as another Get Smart / Man from U.N.C.L.E. type of show. As for this episode it was pretty fun, but it just leapt too far to be a totally believable edition of Trek.
William Shatner as Captain Kirk
Leonard Nimoy
as Commander Spock
James Doohan
as Commander Scott
DeForest Kelley
as Doctor McCoy
Nichelle Nichols
as Lt. Uhura
George Takei
as Lt. Sulu
Walter Koenig as Ens. Chekov
Guest Cast:
Robert Lansing
Terri Garr
Don Keefer
Lincoln Demyan

Teleplay By:
Art Wallace

Story By:
Gene Roddenberry
Art Wallace
Directed By:
Marc Daniels
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