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Investigating the disappearance of Sarpeidon's entire population just hours before it's star going nova... Kirk, Spock and McCoy become trapped in the planets past...
The penultimate episode of the original series was a welcome change from the long run of mediocre episodes that litter the third season. Spock and McCoy developed more on the friendship front in this episode than the whole series, the friendship that we see in the movies.

I think Spock's interest in Zarabeth also helped soften our Vulcan officer just that little bit more.
William Shatner as Captain Kirk
Leonard Nimoy
as Commander Spock
James Doohan
as Commander Scott
DeForest Kelley
as Doctor McCoy
Nichelle Nichols
as Lt. Uhura
George Takei
as Lt. Sulu
Walter Koenig as Ens. Chekov
Guest Cast:
Mariette Hartley
Ian Wolfe
Kermit Murdock
Ed Bakey
Written By:
Jean Lisette Aroeste
Directed By:
Marvin Chomsky
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