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Following a devastating attack resulting in several severely injured and three dead crew members, Janeway and Chakotay decide to attempt an alliance with the enemy of the Kazon - the Trabe...
Despite having put the 'Starfleet v Maquis' fight to bed in the season one finale, it re-emerges here with a very severe case of battle fatique. It leads us to a potential alliance with the enemy of the Kazon, because as we all know the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and so we meet the Trabe after hearing some rumours about them in previous episodes.

In the end, and it annoys me a little, the Federation principles are the right ones and the Trabe are ruthless thugs... sure they tried to wipe out all of the senior Kazon leaders, but did it really have to come back to Janeway berating the senior staff about how we're the righteous ones and all others in this part of the quadrant are just plain wrong.

Elsewhere, the seedy bar on Sobras was quite tame... I suppose you cant expect much from a family show.
Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway
Robert Beltran
as Commander Chakotay
Robert Picardo
as The Doctor
Tim Russ
as Lt. Tuvok
Roxann Dawson
as Lt. Torres
Robert Duncan McNeill
as Lt. Paris
Garrett Wang
as Ens. Kim
Ethan Phillips
as Neelix
Jennifer Lien
as Kes
Guest Cast:
Charles O. Lucia
Anthony DeLongis
Martha Hackett
Raphael Sbarge
Larry Cedar
John Gegenhuber
Simon Billig
Written By:
Jeri Taylor
Directed By:
Les Landau
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