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Reactivated after seven centuries, a backup copy of The Doctor attempts to rewrite Kyrian history, which describes the warship Voyager's visit as less than peaceful, going so far as to accuse the crew of genocide...
A very unique episode of Star Trek like none before or since... taking place entirely from the point of view of this alien race that feels oppressed. Of course it affirms the notion that history is written by the victors and in this case it portrays our crew as war mongers who are so desperate to return home that they'll stop at nothing to achieve the goal.

Picardo carried this episode as a man desperate to clear his friend's names - even seven hundred years later. His impassioned pleas to the arbitrators following the presentation of his version of events was emotional and heart felt, something that the Doctor of four years ago never would have shared.
Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway
Robert Beltran
as Commander Chakotay
Robert Picardo
as The Doctor
Tim Russ
as Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok
Roxann Dawson
as Lt. Torres
Robert Duncan McNeill
as Lt. Paris
Garrett Wang
as Ens. Kim
Ethan Phillips
as Neelix
Jeri Ryan
as Seven of Nine
Guest Cast:
Henry Woronicz
Rod Arrants
Craig Richard Nelson
Marie Chambers
Brian Fitzpatrick
Morgan H. Margolis
Teleplay By:
Bryan Fuller, Brannon Braga and
Joe Menosky

Story By:
Brannon Braga
Directed By:
Tim Russ
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