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The Complete Backstory!

The site has it's roots as a simple group of pages on Geocities, going by the name of Starbase 211. On July 10 2003 was born, drifting between temporary pages and the same group of standby pages, with no real direction.

Fast forward to 2004 and the beginning of my career in Australian television. Over the next three years I learn the various tools of the trade, especially how to make a quality product with a very small budget... while it may have just been the dawn of my television career, it also has been - so far - the twilight of my creative streak... because when you move into "the real world" you can only specalise in one or two fields.

Now, in the beginning the crew consisted of a good friend and my family, together we produced "Australia Day 2005 & 2006" a look at the RACWA air display over Perth during Australia Day. During 2006 I met Fred Mafrica from The Couch, and with his help "Countdown 31" was created, a music clip show counting us down to the new year (albeit, finishing at 11pm!!)

In 2007 I continued to learn and worked on various productions. One of the biggest projects I undertook (so far) happened during this year... Wake Up! WA, a one hour live 'n' local breakfast show. I helped grow the news "department" and we somehow managed to create two updates daily with moving pictures from the Nine News bulletin of the night before. They were crazy hours, but with a good crew... it was the best time.

To round out the year, Countdown 31 returned with a 2 hour special, with the help of the station - Access 31. We actually welcomed in the new year this time. It was during this year that the basic idea of Eternal Night was formulated - at that stage, though, it was just a desire to create a short film.

2008 saw my first interstate move. It lasted four months in the last quarter of the year, but it caused me to be away for the demise of Access 31 - who was put through receivership and was officialy declared dead on August 6.

Flash to the middle of 2011, and with a good job in Brisbane I decide it was high time to get cracking on that short film idea before I hit 30. Writing began, ideas came and went... and eventually we arrive at this point.

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on a new pilot television series... but have decided to bin the idea in favour for TZ & Eternal Night, this is where my passion lies ... and this is where it's put to most use. (In essence, I'm back.)

Eternal NIght is the combination of my need to be creative, and my passion for Star Trek. I look forward to the challenges that the upcoming filming of season two will bring, and I hope you will join me on the journey.

Unlike other fan fictions on the web, Eternal Night doesn't have a team working on the pre-production. It is just me, with my idea for what the post-DS9 universe should look like (to be honest, none of my friends share the passion as much as I do...) This website and the related Facebook & Twitter feeds are all managed by myself... and so, there maybe lengthy pauses between updates - but rest assured I'm still here.
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