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Terms of Use on Twitter on Facebook, all images and text, Star Trek: Eternal Night, audio and video from all episodes, text on this site, production images and behind the scenes stills and any other media or text are all copyright (2003-2012) Matthew Miller (t/a Spiral Media.)

All Star Trek logos, stills and video are copyright CBS Television Distribution. It is used on this site under the terms Fair Use as defined in Australian copyright law. All material is gathered by Spiral Media from official DVD box sets released in region 4 (Australia.)

Star Trek: Eternal Night is created under the same laws of fair use however, numerous attempts have been made to seek an official direction from Paramount Australia to no avail.

UPDATE (18 May 2012)

This email header shows that I have tried since January to receive a response from Paramount - but it's only ever been "please wait."
After speaking with various industry contacts, I've realised that if Paramount were to ever respond to my request of "official permission" - that it would set a precedent for others to follow. My contacts gave me the confidence to go ahead once again with Eternal Night and the site. So here we go...
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