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Spreading the word of is tough, so when I get free publicity... I'll link to it from here. In the meantime I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in spreading the word of Star Trek: Eternal Night or! Contact me here.

May 2015:
Wow, it's been a little while since I added a new link to this page... never fear though - lots of work is happening behind the scenes. Meanwhile, hailing frequencies have been opened by a team calling themselves 'Project Enterprise.'

They say that the original Enterprise is privately owned and not in very good shape... leaving Trekkies without the greatest symbol of the franchise, so they're aiming to build a larger, more beautiful and detailed NCC-1701, with the aim of travelling the world and keeping it on public view.

They are the original team who created the NCC-1701.

Beam over to Project Enterprise now!
October 2013:
Huge thanks to Jorchi over at Wallpaper Abyss (an Alpha Coders site.) for his great images on the header.
June 2013:
Check out Starfleet International, Earth's most popular Star Trek fan club collaboration... with over 5, 000 members, Starfleet International has been in service for almost 40 years. Starbase 11 operates within the Australia, New Zealand and Indonesian region. also says G'Day to the Sydney club... the U.S.S. Tydirium - if you are in Australia, open hailing frequencies to Captain Mortensen and tell him sent you!
March 2013:
Head to LCARS 47 for an immersive experience in the Star Trek computer interface. Eleanor and the team have put some brilliant minds together to form a very enthralling Flash-based experience.
March 2012:
Jump over to Star Trek Reviewed for a complete breakdown of Star Trek fan films. Thanks to Barbara for linking to TZ and for the like on Facebook!
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