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Oh Captain. MY Captain.
Jeremy Levi (R) as Captain Donovan Lindsay
Ian Bolga (L) as Commander Elliot Hanley
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View on Facebook | #TrekzoneSpotlight #Editorial : In this editorial, I dissect the latest tidbits of information about Axanar and her studio that is and isn't an integral part of the film that won't be. ... See moreSee less | #TzEpReview #StarTrekDiscovery | Still stranded in the mirror universe, Burnham faces her first test when she's sent to destroy a colony of rebels. Meanwhile, Tyler's flashbacks to his torture at the hands of the Klingons becomes increasingly violent... ... See moreSee less

View on Facebook added 5 new photos — with Chloe-Jean Vincent and Jeremy Levi.

Huge thanks to the cast and crew for an awesome first day of shooting ‘Once More With Feeling’ - the next Trekzone #StarTrek #FanFilm. It’s a different take on the genre, as we bring you a read through / behind-the-scenes style.

You’ll see what goes into making a radio play - minus the foley stage.

Massive thanks to the cast - Jeremy, Chloe, Ian, Christopher, Adam, make up from Ali... and crew work done by Liam and Aaron.

On to day two tomorrow.
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The third Star Trek fan film idea from, but the first to be shot live action.

The third Star Trek fan film idea from, but the first to be shot live action.

Hah! Excellent- I have to admit when I saw the title, it immediately conjured up images of the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lol!

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Comment on Facebook | #TrekzoneSpotlight : Larry Nemecek joins me to chat about the (then) new #StarTrekDiscovery trailer. ... See moreSee less

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