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The Twitter feed is 'what's happening now' while the Facebook wall is about what has happened, YouTube and Vimeo are the go to destinations for all the videos and follow me on Instagram to see what I'm doing through photos!

Alec Peters spoke at length about his ambitious project #StarTrek: #Axanar in this exclusive chat.
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Executive Producer Alec Peters spoke at length about his ambitious project Star Trek: Axanar in this exclusive chat.

168 #StarTrek #VOY episodes right now @ | plus an ep here every 2 hrs on Thursday's. #TzEpReviews ... See moreSee less

View on Facebook | #TzEpReview #StarTrek #DS9 : Former Bajoran terrorist Tahna Los seeks help from Major Kira. Meanwhile, two familiar Klingon women arrive on the station... ... See moreSee less

WATCH: One half of the Trek Geeks podcast - Trek Geek Dan - joins me to dissect the first part of Star Trek Discovery's first season! ... See moreSee less

Star Trek Discovery is nine episodes old now, and for the first time in our history, the Trek Geeks and The Trekzone Spotlight have had fresh Trek to talk ab... | #TzEpReview #StarTrek #ENT : While Paxton's threat to destroy Starfleet Command hangs over Earth, the radical xenophob introduces hostages Trip and T'Pol to his creation: a baby girl made from their combined DNA... ... See moreSee less

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